Listening to the body’s pace and language is my resistance.

My name is Veena (they/them). I’m a interdisciplinary, socially-conscious somatic therapist that takes a human centered, neurobiological approach to healing. I’ve synthesized a lifetime of mind/body research into a trauma informed practice. I’m dreaming up shame-free spaces for healing in community and I believe that when we can resource ourselves with the right tools, we can embody the changes we’d like to see.

If you are BIPOC, queer, neurodivergent – welcome. I am you.

Veena is an incredible intuitive healer and guide! I have had a few sessions with them and they have guided me towards a deeper sense of safety in my body than I have honestly ever felt. Veena creates a warm safe space to connect deeply with the body, find safety and grounding energy, and release whatever needs to be released. Our sessions have been equally emotionally and physically healing. In one of our sessions, we focused on stretching and releasing the energy stored in my hands and it brought up a lot of emotions and trauma for me. Veena really held the space for me to feel all the feelings and release the energies that have been stored in my body that have affected me for so long. I have learned to process difficult emotions in healthier ways, manage anxiety and show my body extra love with Veena as my incredible guide!! Completely life changing, I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of Veena’s practice

Ryann Holland